Hospital Staff

Live local, Work local

The NSW Government's Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan identifies East Maitland as a major growth area for jobs in the health, defence, education and research sectors, as well as having a focus on being visually attractive, busy community hubs.

Located in Metford and less than a kilometre from Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre, new Maitland Hospital will give health care workers the opportunity to live and work locally.

All NSW Health jobs are advertised on and Roles within the hospital will be advertised in 2021.


New Maitland Hospital will provide a great opportunity to embrace technology and innovation to create new ways of working, enhance efficiency and most importantly, deliver better health outcomes for our patients. New technology and cutting edge treatment methodologies are being considered in the design of the new hospital.

Activity Based Working

Activity Based Working (ABW) will change the way staff work at the new Maitland Hospital. ABW allows staff to choose the tye of workspace they need, based on the work they are doing. It also provides workspaces for individual work, group work, high focus work, private and confidential work, and social space for meals or a break from work. Learn more about it here.