Car Parking

Providing adequate car parking spaces for staff, patients and visitors at the new Maitland Hospital is a key priority for the project team.

To ensure parking supports the new Maitland Hospital, Health Infrastructure has been collaborating with GTA Consultants, Maitland City Council and Roads and Maritime Services to assess and ensure adequate car parking is provided for staff, patients and visitors from 2022 and into the future.

Key considerations during the planning process for car parking include:

  • Existing parking conditions surrounding the site and current Maitland Hospital
  • Existing visitor and staff travel to/ from the current Maitland Hospital
  • Various options for assessing suitable car parking requirements.
  Consideration will also be given to enabling access to public transport, which will also help reduce car movements in the surrounding streets.

As per current arrangements at Maitland Hospital, car parking offered at the new Maitland Hospital will be in line with the NSW Health policy

Concessional arrangements announced recently by the Minister of Health will also apply. Read the policy directive here