Public Transport


A key component of the planning process for the new Maitland Hospital is ensuring it is easily accessible to staff, patients and visitors. 

The location for the new hospital is Metford Road, Metford.  The site is approximately 15 minutes from the Hunter Expressway, is close to the New England Highway and other major link roads and importantly, is close to an existing traing station and public transport routes.


Hunter Valley buses will help to connect the local Maitland community with the new Maitland Hospital via bus routes 182, 183 and 189 servicing the local area. Bus route 189 travels down Metford Road, passing the new hospital site. For further information, visit the Hunter Valley Buses website.


Located two kilometres from the new hospital, Victoria Street Station in East Maitland will act as the hospital's primary train station.

We are currently working with bus operators regarding a connecting route between Victoria Street Station and the new Maitland Hospital.