Services Planned

The new Maitland Hospital will offer a broad range of services for the people of the Hunter, delivering more beds and treatment spaces than the existing hospital.

The Service Statement, which outlines the services to be provided by new Maitland Hospital (NMH) has been completed with the help of the on-the-ground experts, the clinicians and service managers at Maitland Hospital. It also reflects current population and projection data, models of care and NSW Health policy.

Planning the clinical services for the Maitland region was done through extensive consultation.

The 2013 HNE Health Hunter Valley Clinical Services Plan (HVCSP) identified future directions for the delivery of health services in the Hunter Valley and recommended building a new hospital at Maitland. The Plan included service and capacity recommendations based on NSW Health projections. Following changes in projection tools, delivery models, population analysis and role delineation guidelines, the plan was revisited in early 2018 and service planning for new Maitland Hospital was updated. This regular cycle of review is important to ensure planning remains current.

Hospital Service Statement

Download the comprehensive Service Statement here.

The new Maitland Hospital will be a state-of-the-art facility, designed to meet the needs of the local community now and into the future. The Service Statement takes a long term view, reflecting what the facility will offer over a ten year period. While the majority of services and beds will open on day one, additional services will be rolled out as the community grows and demand on the hospital increases. This is about delivering a hospital that provides for the community both now and in the future.

This Statement has been completed with the help of the on-the-ground experts, the clinicians and service managers at Maitland Hospital. It also reflects current population and projection data, models of care and NSW Health policy.

Existing hospital services provided at Maitland Hospital will transfer to the new hospital once it is completed. In addition to this, the new hospital will also offer a wider range of services for the people of the Hunter. 


For the first time, chemotherapy will be offered in Maitland.  A dedicated 12 bed unit will service new Maitland Hospital. 


Outpatient clinics will be significantly increased with 14 additional clinic spaces. 

Critical Care 

The new hospital will deliver enhanced critical care capability with eight Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit beds.


Oral health services will be expanded with the addition of six treatment chairs; double the current number. 


In response to increasing presentations, the new hospital will offer boosted emergency services including an additional 11 treatment spaces and an extra two resuscitation bays which will double the current number.

An eight bed Emergency Short Stay Unit will also be introduced to streamline the patient journey. This means patients who require observation for less than 24 hours will be cared for in a new dedicated unit, freeing-up regular Emergency Department treatment spaces and reducing short-term patient admissions to the hospital’s main wards.

The inclusion of eight Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit beds will allow seriously ill patients to be treated in Maitland instead of being transferred to Newcastle.


Additional x-ray, CT and ultrasound machines will be available to patients, as will a new MRI and Fluoroscopy service.

Inpatient Services

Medical and surgical services for adult patients is one of the highest activity areas for the existing hospital. NMH is focused on ensuring the continued delivery of acute day only and overnight services. 

Bed numbers

Medical beds will more than double in the new Maitland Hospital with 339 overnight and day beds, compared with the current hospital which has 196.


Overnight and day services for maintenance and rehabilitation have been added to the new Maitland Hospital, an area of increasing need across the District.

Across the District, there is increasing need for sub-acute rehabilitation services. While the 24 bed rehabilitation service at Kurri Kurri will continue, network capability will be increased by an additional 20 overnight and four day beds in the new hospital.

Palliative Care

Current overnight and day services for palliative care will continue at NMH. 

Maternity, Neonatal and Paediatric Care


Expectant mothers will benefit from two maternity assessment rooms, an additional delivery suite, four day beds, two ultrasound machines and operating suites.

Neonatal special care

The Maitland Hospital special care nursery will transition into the new hospital, supported by the John Hunter Children’s Hospital.


Paediatric services will be enhanced by the addition of four day beds.

Mental Health

Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre​

Existing acute mental health services will be bolstered by the introduction of a new six bed Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre (PECC).  

Inpatient services 

The Maitland Hospital inpatient mental health services will transition into the new hospital.

In line with Minstry of Health (MOH) policy, National Ministry of Health plan and the NSW Mental Health Commission recommendations, the plan of this service is to increase the capability of our community mental health teams to manage people acutely in the community where possible rather than admission to hospital.

Renal Dialysis

This existing service will be expanded with the addition of two chairs and two training chairs.

Support Services

The following services will support the delivery of care at NMH: Central Sterile Services Department, pharmacy, pathology, kitchen, cleaning, back-of-house, plaster rooms and gyms to support both general and mental health services for residents.

Surgery, Theatre and Recovery Spaces

To streamline patient care and enhance efficiency, more theatres and procedure rooms, along with increased recovery spaces have been added to new Maitland Hospital.

​Operating suites

Operating suites will be bolstered with an additional five new theatres. There will be provision for a Cardiac catherisation lab in the future within one of the additional theatres.

Endoscopy service

An additional endoscopy procedure room will be delivered to meet patient demand.