What will the new maitland hospital look like?

The facade of the new Maitland hospital has been unveiled, with the design paying homage to the building’s surrounds and the rich deep history of the community it will service.

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The design of the hospital reflects qualities of the local area to create a building appropriate to its place. Its form reflects the history of buildings sitting in the Australian landscape - such as homesteads and agricultural structures.

The materials and colour draw from the cultural, heritage and architectural qualities of the site and Maitland streetscapes, as well as the landscape and industry of the Hunter region.

The hospital site is marked by the previous brickworks' quarrying activity, although a spotted gum and ironbark forest remains, bordering the site's southern and eastern edges.

The streetscapes of Maitland are characterised by the warm red brick of its remaining civic buildings. Referencing colour and materials in the new hospital will conceptually link it with the buildings of the City of Maitland township.

The Hunter River is another important element of our region. This includes its significance in indigenous storytelling, its influence on the formation of the valley's landscape and its history enabling trade in the region. The design includes the river as a strong graphic motif in the ‘arbour’ screen positioned along the front of the new building towards the main entry way.

The arbour, or verandah-type walkway, connects the hospital building and landscaped areas for patients, staff and visitors. It shelters landscaped seating areas and windows from the western sun and provides a space that responds to the particular climate of Maitland.

The height of the canopy will provide sufficient cover to pedestrians while allowing for community passenger transfer vehicles and roof-mounted wheelchair vehicles.

Artist's Impression: View of the new Maitland Hospital from the north eastern approach.

Artist's Impression_The view to the main entry from within the double height canopy arbour.

Artist's Impression_The view from the main entry out to the arbour.

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