To get the best clinical outcomes, Health Infrastructure facilitates Project User Groups. These groups are critical and are made up of clinicians and other staff, patients, carers, as well as members of the community. Engaging with all types of users provides valuable and ongoing insight at every step of the process, so that the best patient outcomes can be achieved.
The new Maitland Hospital’s design phase closed out in late 2019 with the completion of Concept Design, Schematic Design and Detailed design.  This important milestone marks the commencement of the delivery phase which includes construction.  More information about these phases and How to Build a Hospital can be found HERE.

The design of the new Maitland Hospital has been developed through consultation with a range of key stakeholders including staff at The Maitland Hospital and  the community. The involvement of key stakeholders, including hospital staff, patients and community members throughout the entire design process ensures the newly built hospital operates efficiently whilst providing high quality care.  The design for the new facility has been built on the principles of being flexible and adaptable and takes into consideration population data and projections, models of care and policy, industry best practice and input from local health professionals.

The design considers all aspects of the campus including the broader physical footprint of the hospital and what is required to deliver the services within it as outlined in the Service Statement